Behind the Scene

Sitting and listening to a presentation, while asking witty and argumentative questions comes like breathing for me, but giving a presentation was quite another story. While in theory the presentation was quite simple, the matters of the mind often get in the way. What do I mean? I mean every silence between my incessant talking, my brain is frantically searching and questioning the entertainment value of the presentation that I am giving. I am nervous, will they like it? If not will they be entertained? Nothing is worse than having your own peers falling asleap during a presentation.

While as an audience member, I enjoyed banter with the presenter, and the topics like online poker, and porn, the topics revealed a different side of the presenters that I have never known. The intimate nature of the presentations gives us students a much closer-contact relationship in a small group, I hope none of the presenters thought I was too aggressive and annoying. Some of the time I was more intersted in why the presenter chose the topic that they did, rather than general questions about the topic, I wanted to know why they chose porn or poker. I can now understand the sense of panic when you realize that there is that part that you want to talk about, but that person will just not stop asking stuff! Also today after my presentation I had the first realization that the content of the presentations is controversial, and upon realizing that one of my audience members knew more about my topic than I did made me feel nervous and under-researched. I did not think that reporting on an article that someone else wrote would be offensive, however I am known for being loudly wrong.

Also as a presenter, I thought that my own ideas were important in my presentation in comparison to the things that my audience thought was interesting, but the thoughts were different. Therefore I had to put more emphasis on the issues that people thought was interesting, and that is why I was thankful that the project was not just one presentation. The repitition was helping me practice and focus on the ideas that the audience liked and responded well to. I liked the informal setting of the presentation, and I really thought that it was helpful for giving presentations in other classes (because I now realize how much better I get with practice) but also because it is a way to get the information out in a less-stressful than standing in front of the whole class way. All in all, I really thought this was a great chance to not only learn more about my topic, and work on the computer to find the information but also to connect with my classmates. In addition to getting to know my classmates (something that is hard in a computer based class) but also practicing a presentatin and learning how to present better and what works for me and the audience was a useful skill for University in general. I thouhght this was an excellent project, I wish there were more dynamic projects like this in other classes.


Tarantino Story

Ill-Timed Travel

Tracy had never wondered what her friend was like in youth, she was exactly the same just in a different time and place. 

The sharp pungent scent of chlorine and echoed laughter of children set the stage. Normally the gentle whispers of energetic nurses and could be herd, and the screech of a whistle for scampering children. This day was special; it was a day for a show. Three rows: four, three, two, of shinny elastic Pepto-Bismol swim caps.  Each woman adorned with polka-dots and a fake glossy smile. They had trained for months, none of them wanting to, some had given up on health, others on life. The doctor, and overbearing children often win.

Each woman was one nuclear shade of lipstick away from vanishing, what was the point of such theatrics? The Everly Brothers were switched on, and the routine began. Each movement slow and concentrated, pasty, saggy, and with little genuine enthusiasm, the years of wear on each body resulting in perfect synchronization. The splashing was gentle and delicate, like reaching your hand between the barbs of a electric fence to fetch a valuable.   The first chorus went well, splashing and smiling the ladies were having no difficulty faking their enjoyment enough to please the supervision. It was when the ladies had formed a star with wrinkled and slippery hands that Ruth broke away. Great balls of fire, she had left them again and was making a run for it.

“Welcome. Welcome I am so glad you decided to stop by” she said opening her arms wide to Tracy, whose look went from concern to confusion, where had she gone this time? Tracy the ever present friend was always the one to go to the rescue of their friend Ruth. Ruth was the shortest, darkest, and she gave the least gruff about her forced exercise, she knew about her disease but hardly remembered about it. ‘Hopefully it disrupts and entertains enough to give you all a break’ she used to say with a thick Brooklyn accent when the ladies would talk together. Tracy was such a busy-body, ‘that is what you get for having millions of kids, just care care care all the time’ she had herd the other ladies say behind her back. Eventually Ruth would lose all of herself totally, but not just yet.  She really preferred the past to the present anyways, let it come quickly she thought to herself often.

“You know the pool is just one of the many new features our hotel has to offer, if you would follow me this way I can show you to the sauna and the steam rooms too” she explained with a slightly mischievous grin. Just then the final number came on the cheap pink boom-box. The music was muffled from the protective plastic bag and the pool was not known for its acoustics, but Elves Presley was Elves Presley even through a plastic bag. The music changed Ruth, and she stopped mouth agape scraggily pink lipstick, cataract blue eyes, and enough wrinkles to write a story.


“I always have a couple of extra minutes for Elvis” she proclaimed and proceeded to dance energetically, splashing with her arms and kicking her legs up as far as they would go.



This is my second DS106 assignment of the section “Tarantino Your Story!” This is my story, and I just followed the directions and put the last sentence at the beginning, I wonder if you all can tell? This is from the Writing section, one of my favorites, so I am sad to see it go~ I hope you enjoy the story, let me know what you think. I re-did some of the sentences you can see them in purple, I hope it affords clarification. Also I added some pictures, because everyone loves pictures and I think it helps capture the reminiscent feeling that I am going for. Did I go overboard with the pictures?? Let me know~


My thoughts on a Cyber Bullys~

When thinking about a Cyber Bully I imagine someone who is just nasty to others on a chat. Cyber-staking and sexual predators on the internet is really what I think we should be watching out for. Teenagers  being the key targets for exual predators, they are insecure and curious, and the internet offers a lot of children who are transitioning into adults an anonymous venue to explore their sexuality and other people and boundaries in general. The fallacy with this is that children of today know the internet better thank their parents so if they do something bad, they are not properly reprimanded in many cases.

      In schools we are taught that we should not speak to strangers, but on the internet this does not really apply. What needs to be done is teach people to respect themselves, so that if someone is being disrespectful then they are confident and calm enough to just exit the conversation. Not only does the internet open space for people to be hurt, but also the people doing the hurting are at a safe distance, behind a fake name, and whatever they say usually goes guilt-free because of the lack in human-contact. Harassment is harassment even over the internet, and falls into the Cyberstalking category for me, because it is repeated offenses. While I think it is an issue, I think the bigger issue is how we care for ourselves. If the education about how to avoid all the nonsense on the internet then cyber-bullying wont be such a over-dramaticized issue. I think the biggest way to have some control over things like this, is parents. Parents need to be more involved in their children lives, be more knowledgeable about their kid’s cyber friends. Talk about it, be communicative with children so that not only will it be a good example of how to communicate with others, but I feel that people cannot hurt others as easily this way. Especially teenagers and the masses of young people online. 

Do you think that Dick and Jane are going to let that little boy run into the street? Are you the person who just watches others bully each other, or do you say something? If you saw it in real life in front of you, would you say something? How much do your parents know about your online roaming? Do they know about all of your accounts? or that cyber boyfriend you had when you were 15? Food for thought.

Hale Art

Ok so mid-mogolian artist awe, I found this guy David Hale So I found three of his images to put in as banners too, I will put the full images here as well. You can read his BIO on that ^ same page. Again this will eventually be a re-vamped banner, I figured that you can change around the banner randomly, and I think that is way cooler than just the cupcake image. I saw several rotating ones, but I wanted to pick the images myself. I apologize for the poor quality on some of them, they are small images… Maybe my dearest Paul will be able to finagle them with me on monday! I am listening to a radio too by the way while I am looking at all this art, all I need is a good de-caffinated cup of tea! Here is the site, its great!

Mongolian Art

So for those of you who noticed I recently found this artist online that I thought was absolutely breath-taking! I fought with myself over what picture, and how I should crop it so that I may use it for my banner. I hope they don’t get mad at me! I found the art here and I just wanted to show it to you all!! Here are a couple of my favorites:

This is the one that I love most, I found it breath-taking and had to choose where to crop for my banner

The actual artist’s BIO is here if you are interested in more. I wish I was not a poor student, because if I were rich all my money would go to buying paintings like this.

I think this is a DS106 Assignment “revamp your banner” I have Roundhouses here I just found inages that I liked and I set them as my banner, as you can see I have six new images! This is a WEB assignment, I think its my first WEB assignment. I was just intending to share some art, but lo-and behold I could use it for a DS106. I actually saw one of theese pictures on a friends Facebook page and wanted it for myself. I did use someone elses art, but I did create a new banner 🙂


Our class was assigned the project of making a presentation on Prezi<check the link to see our project! I was one of the few people who prefereed Prezi to Powerpoint. I think it is because I have little to no experience with powerpoint, and therefore I am an open book when it comes to creating a presentation. Plus I like that Prezi is online and can be used by anyone! While the options are limited, I like this, because people with bad taste wont mess everything up too badly, but also when it comes to a presentation I find myself wasting too much time on making creative decisions, so it helps me focus on the actual facts and making the slides functional and interesting.

There are many fun features, I think that I am the only one who used the insert feature and I really loved the modern style and simplistic layout. I only wish we had some sort of tutorial so that we could have a easier time ajusting to the new ideas, because we are so used to powerpoint. But in any case, I love prezi~

State of the Net


As we are learning and listening to more about the publicatinos on the internet, the more I am realizing what a big mess it is. Twitter is dominated by idots with feelings to express but nothing of value to say. Similarly so many junk videos and crap animations take up the majority of the space on the internet. I want to ask if making publication are we losing quality? Yes like the nets most of it is a total mess!!


There are things of quality on the internet however, do not lose faith! Just as everything to find the diamonds you have to dig. But what will happen to all the crap? Like the movie Wall-e will we have a lone robot to decide the important parts from the junk ones? As the internet fills with junk, will the crap start to go away as it fills up more? Will we ever reach a point of full capacity? If then what then? What do you think about the mess of our net?