Final Examination

Dear Chairman,

Hello I am writing this letter to you today with a great amount of concern about what is to come. I am speaking of course about the recent news that the Intergalactic Board Of Education intends to discontinue the CIS0835 class from Temple University’s curriculum. This of course is the class that was, up until now, required of all students. Also this course, assuming because you are neither a teacher nor student, is a class on computer literacy and a general education course. While it is not my intention to insult, I must ask, why someone who does not know the content of a class has obtained the proper authority to discontinue it? Within this letter I will attempt to convey the skills that I have obtained from this class in a desperate attempt to dissuade you from dissolving it. This course gave me insight to an entire world on the internet that I was unaware of, in addition to communication and basic platform knowledge this course gave me more options and resources for future University classes and ultimately life hereinafter. CIS0835 and professor Lockman, taught me that communication and flexibility along with hard work and dedication are often rewarded with knowledge and understanding, in addition to a grade that I deserve. While not everything in life is works out as you expect, there are things you can do to ensure your own success, and that is education, hard work, and communication.

The class structure and description may be misleading, and other students reports about CIS0835 being a “Facebook” class are inaccurate and just don’t give the vast nature of the internet enough credit. While it is true that Facebook is a tool that almost every student knows how to use fluently, it is not just for fun. In addition to Facebook, students in this class learn how to use an Email account to its full capabilities. Sharing documents and information between student was one of the first lessons we learned. I admit since learning of the Documents function I have used it for every presentation that I have had to work with a group. It is by far the most efficient and fastest way to communicate from afar with a group of people. Next we learned how to publish, edit, maintain and communicate to our class, and ultimately the world through a blog. Something that I have seen and heard of but I have never done myself, and publishing information not only gives you insight into others ideas, but it is an excellent way to practice writing a skill that every University student should maintain. With the blog Myself and the students learned about the history of the internet, and many ways and outlets that are offered so many that it may be difficult to list them all. University is about education, and this class covers the history of the internet, the dangers and pitfalls of the internet, the current stat of the internet and current affairs, the future of the internet and our own lives. This class is completely comprehensive and relevant to our lives in addition to the history of a revolution, while the technology is fairly recent, the content is very important and relevant and should not be ignored.

With the DS106 website students are pushed to challenge their knowledge of the different media, the website is split into different sections and each student is forced to work in areas that they are unfamiliar with and this expands their knowledge of the web. In addition to the required readings and topics in the class students are required to complete assignments on their own  The categories are: Web, design, Writing, Mashup, Fanfic, Video, Audio, and Visual. Some of the titles are self-explanatory but the others help you explore parts of the internet that you never knew existed before. These assignments can be created or done and then reposed on your blog. The expansion of each person’s knowledge is again stretched when they read other students assignments, along with their Tweets, look at their Flickr pictures watch their Prezi presentations. The knowledge of these platforms is not just for play, but for benefit of current events and the future. In relation to life outside of school, use of these platforms may be life-saving such as in the event of an emergency, like the march earthquake. Students were the first to contact their loved ones VIA the different internet platforms when phone services were unavailable. Such life-saving information is vital and therefore should be continued to be taught, if not for surviving university classes, but surviving in the case of an emergency. Not only that these skills will come in handy when entering the workforce. Ultimately university’s goal is to introduce an elite workforce into the world with a better skill-set and knowledge to achieve more. Nothing has prepared me for the outside world like this Cybernet class.

This class should not be eliminated from the circulum. It is a very important class for the future. The expansion of the internet is so rapid that there needs to be a class to teach the students to keep up. Additionally the internet and the infrastructure of University’s seem to be at war with each other, the only way for the two very different worlds to work together in a beneficial way is to properly integrate the pair. Already the internet has free classes and soon enough the learning on the internet will take all the benefit out of attending University’s. Unless the university’s some how integrate learning the internet as a class with contact with a teacher and fellow students the pair will never coincide successfully and create a better understanding for both sides. The internet is rapidly expanding, and already it has begun to eliminate such things as newspapers, books, and old ways of thought and the progress is not slowing anytime soon. The only way to save University’s for the future is to integrate the internet properly and work together with educators and the internet to save the structure of University. So if not for the educational benefits of the class, or for the life lessons and the useful life experience that the current students or near future students will gain from this class, do not abolish CIS0835 for the sake of University survival. In the interest of keeping your job, of keeping students in school, and in keeping the institutional idea of a university alive, integrate learning the internet and working with the internet into University’s so that the institutions can survive the internet revolution.

If my letter of please has not reached you, I blame it only on your own inactive pursuit of knowledge and community that is very strong here on the digital campus of Temple University Japan Campus. With my letter of pleas also come a warning, that refusal to change never got anyone anywhere. Change is all around us, and the world is expanding and just like Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest two organisms cannot be in the same niche, the stronger one will always beat out the other. Please consider my thoughts and explanation carefully before making a final decision. Even have a look at how productive and connected the students of this class are and how the past students and international students and even students and professors from other campuses are connected. These connections are powerful and hard to ignore. As a final thought I will leave you with a picture of a nebula. Part of space, something that is infinite as I belive the internet is. The internet is only as limited as human’s creativity and ideas. infinite, wonderful, beautiful, but very powerful and mysterious. The only true way to triumph something as huge as space is by exploring it and the boundaries that it holds.




The Bubble Nebula (narrowband)

The Buble Nebula (narrowband) by DJMcCrady – Creative Commons


2 thoughts on “Final Examination

  1. OMG, what an amazing and impassioned letter. I think I’d want to have you on my side if I ever had to go in to battle. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the opposing team.

    Thank you for this wonderfully written letter.

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