Extra Credit DC’s~

Faceless Portrait

Here is my faceless Portrait. I love this picture that we took (my roommates and I) we did a series or polaroid photos because we found a actual Polaroid camera! I think that it is a cool way to capture me and the ever present Bambi. This is us looking at something unimportant in the Bathroom, nothing is altered or changed, even as i took a picture of the picture there was very little glare, so yes that streak just happened in the glory of Polaroid. Here is the Flickr


This DC was to take a picture of some Geology around you, and here you are~ The picture looks like it is underwater, and  I think that is cool. It is actually right outside my door in the courtyard of my house. How do you feel about the photo? does it make you queasy? Flickr

My sweet Ride:

Here are my wheels, better known as Sir William, they get me faithfully from place to place. The Glamor of the shot is in the shine, my ride is pretty bling bling to begin with because of the gold-tinted spokes, but the handlebars and the petal wanted some action too. Be Jealous

A potential mess is so beautiful

For this Daily Create I did Ruka, and his mom, making a tower atop a tower. This is seconds before the huge mess, as you can imagine, but it is a serene picture and it is quiet with suspense as he puts that last one up on the top. Flickr


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