Daily Creates # 1 Creative uprising

Daily create #3

Febuary 8th 2012

So I was going to skip this one, but after seeing some of the incredible projects from our class I decided to give it a try. This photo was taken last spring, in the hopes of spurring on this spring. This was taken with my iphone and it was in Nakameguro (wonderful at this time) they have desert wine for sale on the street, and snacks and if you go when it is still cold it is is not so crowded! I thought it looked like a road, but then i blurred my eyes and it looked like the sky, through some glass. What does it look like to you? So without further ado here is my upside-down photo for the Daily Create:

Febuary 5th 2012

My favorite loud person, for the Daily Create:

She is a four year old with a sassy side~ She may not be loud in volume but her ideas are loud.

That is why she is my daily create! This photo was taken when she was three, she is now four, and wont let me forget it. I took this photo over dinner some time ago.

Daily create #1
Febuary 4th 2012

Here is my first Daily create. I took a picture of my feet!

Actually this is a picture from a year ago exactly! But I still have the same slippers

Photo taken by my old roommate in Kuramae Oak-share house.

Setsubun, the bean-trowing demon-thwarting holiday that still doesn’t really make sense to me.

I made a Flickr a long time ago, but it was too hard to learn, so here goes round two.

so here is the picture of my feet, and all their bean/demon crushing power:


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