Daily creates # 4 the final chapter

Hello again on 2/22,

So after hearing that the actual unit is over as of today, I will attempt to desperately finish all of the work assigned this section.

The first of the Daily creates that I will barrage you with is a photograph that represents how old I feel. I am constantly plagued by this issue actually. Most people think that I am older than I am, and I feel older than I am, it makes me afraid that I am crotchety and boring, but then I am reminded by subtle things, like card games and silly books that I do things that are just for me, and for no one else, and therefor perfectly express my age. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the contents of their shelves, be it clothing, stuff, or books, but mostly books. What do you think of me by this Photo? Without knowing who I am (just pretend you don’t if you do) what kind of person has a shelf like this?

Daily create #2 for today: My Job, find a photo that expresses it… Well here it is:

The little girl that I am a Nanny for (the cute one) loves to play with her friends from school and we were wasting some time in the gym at her school. I always try to remember what it must be like to be responsibility free, until Arin tells me to do this or that, and I am reminded that kids have responsibilities and constraints too, they just seem so small from up here. I took this picture with my iphone, and claim all credit for the happiness in the photo.

And Finally  A toy in action As a play on Hemingway’s “the hills like white elephants” minus all that pregnant mumbo-jumbo, I will show my blue elephant in some white hills. He is exploring, as he always does, in the folds and constantly changing earth that is my bed. His name is Willmoth, because he wants to be big and fierce, like a mammoth, but there are some things you just cant help. Like limited blue cloth and stuffing.


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