Daily Creates # 2 The Creates strike back

Hand of Friendship

Febuary 14th 2012

Here is my lovely roommate Bambi, drawing on my temporary tattoo of a taxi, for my other project. I snapped a picture of her hand drawing the taxi for the Daily Create. She is a relatively new friend, only since I moved to Japan have I gotten to know her, and yet she was the first one to reach the hospital after my crash (in quite a state) and here she is afterwards drawing and laughing about the whole incident with me. I think that her hands are a excellent symbol of our friendship (specially here in this photo) you can see that she is on mu bed, and we are having a jolly old time, but it is through things like my accident that I realize how dear a friend she is, and from drawing taxis to, running to a hospital at midnight for me, she is a wonderful friend.

Temporary Tat
Febuary 12th 2011

So some of you may know, but I was run over by a Taxi cab last Thursday. Resulting in my absence from class, among other paramedic filled adventures. I was looking over the Daily Creates and I saw some scars and some self-made tattoos and I got the of marking my already marked body. So here you can see my bruise, that is pretty much healed, being hit by a cute cartoon taxi-cab that my wonderful roommate drew on for me.

I think the cut is great because it looks like a little exclamation point !!! Cute don’t you think?

Unconventional Food
Resturant traning
Febuary 12th 2012

For my Daily Create today I am doing the Unconventional Food. This may feel fairly conventional but let me direct your attention the very official scene behind the delicious looking clam-chowder. This was at a food-tasting at a very fancy restaurant that I work at, we had only limited time to eat, most of the time we listened to my bird-like boss explain/heckle the servers about the flavors and ingredients while the soup got cold and congealed a bit on the top. Then dive in right as the next food was being brought out, in a fight for yourself kind of way with a spoon as your only weapon. Photo taken by me, and the bartender-extrordanare supplying entertainment and a distraction from my watering mouth.


One thought on “Daily Creates # 2 The Creates strike back

  1. I love how you drew a temporary tattoo, I never thought about doing that. I think it was very clever how you drew it on a bruised part of your body representative of your accident giving your temporary tattoo significance. Also I like the idea that both the bruise and tattoo are temporary but the memory will be with you forever.

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