Daily Creates # 3 revenge of creativity

Le’ Bird

Feb 19th 2012

This one took considerable effort, I had to find a bird, as it was way past dark and I was not interested in hunting down any cat-sized mutant ravens (that can only be found in Tokyo) to get a picture of a bird. So I did the next best thing, raided closets. I came up with this cute blue little fellow, I apologize for the quality of the photo as it was with an unsteady hand of my Iphone, and despite some retakes just the way it was supposed to be.

Someones art

February 19th 2012

Ok so inspired by “Son of Man” the famous paining that depicts the man standing in the suit with an apple in front of his face, so taking a similar idea I put some fruit on Bambi (my infamous Roommate)’s artwork. All the artsy-talent credit goes to her, the banana is even hers, I only got the silly idea and the camera (my Iphone)

BOSS glasses

February 19th 2012

Todays Daily create is my most prized possession. To me my most prized possession are my glasses. For obvious reasons, because I have very bad eyes, I sometimes use contacts however they are more apt to fail than my tried and true glasses. While they may not be so cool, and many people have their opinions about my glasses, I love them! I took this picture (with a lot of difficulty because obviously I could not be wearing my glasses to take the picture) but it turned out nicely, i think the way they are sitting sort of saying “i’m a BOSS” in a badass middle-schooler gang-leader type way. Enjoy them, I do!


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