Here I did a reflection after reading and re-editing and adding to my already existing posts. This was my final blog-post for my class, and it was a close one! I really enjoyed the class and my recording is a bitter-sweet ending. This project was for extra credit that I did for a little bonus, as i talk about in the recording the changes can be seen as purple text, and all the new pictures. I did the recording twice, once the first time was a one where I went through all the posts one by one, but I think you can read those just fine so my recording is merely a reflection of internet and its forgiveness.I hope you have enjoyed my blog, and I hope that some of you will continue to read my posts in the future.



Phenomenal Woman Poetry Reading

I did a reading of Phenomenal woman for my DS106 Audio category. This was a stressful assignment, mostly because I kept messing up and having to re-record. Not to mention how terrible I think my own voice sounds, all nasally yuck! In any-case i chose this poem because it was a very powerful poem and it has lots of fun rhyming. Also because I think it suits me well. I am not sure how to upload a sound-cloud, so I hope this works.

Oh but then I remembered that we had to do something future related, so this will be a double DS106. A very hard to read poem about the Future. Have a listen, I made a couple of mistakes, can you catch them? Here is the poem:


someday everyone will be wise in the future
everyone will be sensible and forward thinking
wear sensible shoes and act accordingly in the future
wise action according to everyone will be the act
of the future everyone will be futuristic someday
according to god according to everyone and their shoes
in the future everyone will be godless and free
act accordingly in the future or else
play accordions wisely in your godless future
in the future accordions will play themselves

act three in the future: there will be no accordions
everyone will get nostalgic for the accordion god
and act as if they were wise in the future
everyone will be according to god
in the future everyone will not act accordingly
wisdom is unholy in the future
to act accordingly is to stay out of trouble
in the future jails will be bigger and much better
everyone will need some punishment in the future
thinking of accordions will be a crime

lawrence welk is a revolutionary in the future
to act accordingly is to act with wisdom
everyone will act as one in the future
accordingly for everyone to act
in the future everyone will be discredited
everyone must act now to avoid the future
be wise and dont act accordingly
play accordions in the street the future cannot
wait for wisdom and forced accord
one chord might save the future

Stephen Roxborough
And here is my Recording:

The Future

This blog-post is a response to “The Visible College: Four Futures” The video can be found Here I think that this lecture is spoken on the same gust of wind as Gardener Campbell’s article. In many ways both men are hopeful for the future of infinite possibilities. For me watching this video was easier to understand than reading the article. With understanding the full depth of the future and all of its possibilities really scares me. I am afraid of the unknown, and I am afraid of the infinite possibilities, it is an intimidating feeling. It reminds me of what Laika (the first living thing sent into space) thought, about the total infinity. Was she scared by all of the stars? When I think of the internet like I do now, it feels like discovering an entire world. Something totally alien to what we know now, and it scares me.


The Lost Decade: I will attempt to paint a picture of myself in the future in 2022. I will be in my 32nd year of life. I will be thinking hard about children, if I don’t already have them. Hopefully I will not be alone, and I will be struggling with body image as I become more wrinkled and worn-out. My children will all be born in the most time-apropriate way. In a hospital, most likely they will be given a chip-implant at birth. Something that will be intend for good, to keep track of people and to keep them safe, and those without will be outcasts. I do not think this will be a good thing, but I will do it, to keep my children safe and normal. Also I imagine that all children will be given an account, or a character or some device, that they can start building their cyber-life as they are building their flesh-lives. These devices will not only connect people, by phone, text, but it will also work as a computer, and it will have invisible capabilities and unlimited information. I will try to keep up, but eventually I will give up and in frustration beg my children to show me how various things work. Just as I do now with my parents.

I also imagine decay in buildings and in actual physical infrasructure.With total connectivity people wont need stores, they wont need to go to work, they will still need houses, but the houses, the new ones, will be efficient, and almost entirely automatic. Mental anguish will be at a all time high. People will will become very isolated and others will have to work very hard on relationships that are second-nature now, like between parent and child. People will be fatter. Also people will move faster and further. Rather than going to the park for lunch, people will just go to Spain for the afternoon. Communication will be almost entirely automated between different cultures. No more feeling silly pantomiming something, your device will just talk for you, order food for you.

I will have a stable job, something small and unknown, but steady and interesting for me. Perhaps a writer, maybe a seller of online books or recordings. Maybe a teacher. I will struggle to fully integrate and understand all the technology that will be required of me. It will frustrate me. I will then force my children to have no electric things on for dinner, and they will hate it. I will force them to talk to me and my future husband. I will also let them do more than their friends, hopefully. I will take them to midnight movies, and let them skip school. But they will think that it is lame and old-fashioned and complain about it while enjoying the treatment. I will steer away from technology at some point, maybe later than 2022 but Eventually I will have more important things in my small life. I will eventually reach a point where I am satisfied with my progress and I will not want to learn anything new, and just be happy with what I have and want at that point. I will be happy with what works, even if it is not the best or newest or most efficient way.


That is how I imagine myself and my children in 2022 as part of the Lost Decade. Do you agree? will it become regulated by “the man” maybe I wont be so crotchety. Who knows what the future holds?

A personal Cyberinfrastructure

Being a University student in a digital age. It is a hard topic to tackle, mostly because I have known nothing different. I even remember in the third grade when the teacher was explaining that when you open a program you click twice on the mouse. How do we know these things and rules? Habit, you only know them from using them. The older I am getting the less interested I am in having a Cyber existence. Sad as it may be, but I have more interest in the real living world, where relationships are hard, and you have to talk things over, and revision takes conversation. It may be because I am falling behind the curve so to speak of digital expansion, and I may sound like a traditional person, or an stubborn old person, but what does it matter if i Tweet a ton a day? Or post pictures on Flicker? While I know the information is there, it is exhausitng to keep up.

University, or Higher Education is a traditional, old fashioned thing. Education is a old thing, in order to be truly educated you need to be old, have had the time to gather all this information. I think that schools struggle with the fast change and pace of the internet, because it is an institution, and often a large one. Large institutions are stable, and steady, unlike the internet, and are very hard to integrate together. Maybe in the future when my generation (who habitually understands the computer) will be able to master the upkeep on internet lessons and assignments, but that will detract from school as a whole.

University is so much more than learning things. Memorization, and learning people who made an impact, be it on science, or history, and the dates that they lived is only a fraction of the nature of University. Learning to talk to other students, to argue, and  to reason. Also to gain a full knowledge about how you as an individual feel about things, to gain definition to your own character. To learn how to work with a teacher, to bargain, and to reason and to please someone who outranks you. University is also a rare chance to meet many people, to gain confidence and knowledge but also connections. Meet the love of you life, at University, a common story. Or to meet your boss, or maybe all of your employees, at University. University is so much more important than just the lessons, and the memorization and the tests, it is a human-contact thing that will diminish with too much influence of the internet. In general people are struggling more than they ever have with relationships, and I think that it is because we have an easy way out, the internet, but it is not giving humans the contact with each-other that they need. Therefore there are many cases of people searching for connection on the internet, who end up harming themselves.

My hope from University, is to gain myself. I want to become a better person, a person who is capable of anything that I want, but not only that I want to be a person that wants things. Someone with strong goals and strong drive to achieve those goals. I think that with these skills I will be someone who can find happiness for myself. That is my ultimate goal in life, as should be everyones, to find what makes me happy. University is just one way of pushing myself, challenging myself, to find what makes me happy.

Gardener Campbell’s ideas do resonate with me, I agree that higher education can use internet to a higher capabilty that it is now, and that it will be a very helpful tool in learning and in teaching. On the other hand thought I can very easily see how badly and impersonal teaching and learning will become if that is the case. Therefore I think that Universities are doing the best they can with what they have, while change for technology is exponential, change in people is slower and therefore it is having too high of an expectation to believe that it is possible to instate and have an immediate good result. It can also be argued, that students maybe don’t need the technical skills. Out in the real world, the opinion of the internet is that it is run by teenagers, and in part they are right. Most of the instantly wealthy people from the internet are incredibly young. Sure it happens, but it wont happen to everyone so to create that expectation is unreasonable.

I think that this article was written with excitement and with good wishes for the future. I on the other hand have different goals for learning and therefore discourage too much use of the internet. I think that University is something that needs human contact and therefore I think the pace of improvement is just fine. Do you agree with me? Let me know what you think~


“New modes of comunication change what can be imagined and expressed…Enviroments are not passive wrappings but active processes”

This quote was a significantly powerful statement for me. It shows that people are the limit to ourselves, if it can be imagined that it can be achieved. T’his rings true particularly with the internet. I was happy to read this article because I recently watched a PBS special on Steve Jobs, and I thouhg about him and all of his flaws, and his life, and this quote embodies his sucess. His imagination from the initial idea of a mouse butterbox+deoderient ball meets a electronic tool. The ingenuity of Steve Jobs and his creativity meeting capable programers and designers have revoloutionized the world of comunication and electronics forever. As we humans imagine it, it will be created, as with the Ipad, in the documentary Steve Jobs had the idea of an Ipad in the early 80’s and just before he died he saw it come to life, and that is just the imagination of one man. Imagine with all the new minds of the children, and the things that they will come up with in the future. It is scary, and exciting but the world is changing and quicly, all we can do is hold on and enjoy the ride.

The documentary by the way is called Steve Jobs :One last thing and it is available in the Library, for free!! Go check it out, it is pretty short, and very interesting. Enjoy~


Repression in China~

For my presentation I decided to research and report on fear and loathing in China. What I discovered was not only repression in the available information, but also in the law that dictates how the persons who violate the rules are treated.

No unit or individual may use the Internet to create, replicate, retrieve, or transmit the following kinds of information:

1. Inciting to resist or violate the Constitution or laws or the implementation of administrative regulations;

2. Inciting to overthrow the government or the socialist system;

3. Inciting division of the country, harming national unification;

4. Inciting hatred or discrimination among nationalities or harming the unity of the nationalities;

5. Making falsehoods or distorting the truth, spreading rumors, destroying the order of society;

6. Promoting feudal superstitions, sexually suggestive material, gambling, violence, murder,

7. Engaging in terrorism or inciting others to criminal activity; openly insulting other people or distorting the truth to slander people;

8. Injuring the reputation of state organs;

Other activities against the Constitution, laws or administrative regulations.

These rules seem pretty basic, for Communists. After the whole Tiananmen Square incident, I can understand the Governments reasons for having these rules, but unfortunately with the internet people are communicating more than ever in a very hard to regulate way. As I learned too, because of the repression agains the people, the people are forced to become more clever than their country. Therefore when I learned that Chinese people made up a significant population of Hackers that you can hire, I was not surprised at all. In fact I am proud of the people that can escape the repression and even make money off of it. I wonder if all these super-smart hackers get together and take down the guards in China, the Gov. would be in serious trouble. I think that because of the new-ness of the technology, the people have more knowledge than the Gov. Go Chinese rebels!

The regulations are not just for the people but the Telecomunication companies:

No organization or individual may use telecommunications networks to make, duplicate, issue, or disseminate information containing the following:

(1) Material that opposes the basic principles established by the constitution;

(2) Material that jeopardizes national security, reveals state secrets, subverts state power, or undermines national unity;

(3) Material that harms the prosperity and interests of the state;

(4) Material that arouses ethnic animosities, ethnic discrimination, or undermines ethnic solidarity;

(5) Material that undermines state religious policies, or promotes cults and feudal superstitions;

(6) Material that spreads rumors, disturbs social order, or undermines social stability;

(7) Material that spreads obscenities, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or instigates crime;

(8) Material that insults or slanders others or violates the legal rights and interests of others;

(9) Material that has other contents prohibited by laws or administrative regulations.

Yikes right? Some of these rules can be so loosely interpreted, that any remark could fall into any of these categories! In essence, most of the companies are too scared to open business in China, so only chinese owned and run companies are going to rule the market. The repression shows the giant gap between the average person and the rich person, they are leagues away and there is nothing anyone can do about it, except spread the knowledge. Again go Chinese Hackers go~

Again the country regulates activity in internet-cafe’s because of the anamotity of a cafe, you can just run out of the cafe after doing your bad biuseness, whatever it may be and the cafe will be held responsible for any thing you say. The chineese people all know the brutality of the police force, and I think that even someone you really hated, you could not do that to. Look at the rules:

lease take note that the following issues are prohibited according to Chinese law:

1. Criticism of the PRC Constitution

2. Revealing State secrets, and discussion about overthrowing the Communist government

3. Topics that damage the reputation of the State

4. Discussions that ignite ethnic animosity, discrimination or regional separatism

5. Discussion that undermines the state’s religious policy, as well as promotes evil cults and superstition

6. Spreading rumors, perpetrating and disseminating false news that promotes disorder and social instability

7. Dissemination of obscenity, sex, gambling, violence, and terror. Cyber-sex is not permitted within the English chat-room.

8. Humiliating or slandering innocent people

9. Any discussion and promotion of content which PRC laws prohibit

If you are a Chinese national and willingly choose to break these laws, is legally obliged to report you to the Public Security Bureau.

While some of the rules make sense, the really open-ended others make me worry, and for good reason. In several cases people have been persecuted for very good-intentioned causes. The article finishes with many cases of arrests and beatings, and trial-periods and detainees, for what appear to be helpful and innocent actions on the internet. As a final thought, I will show you one of my favorite cases of the individials that was persecuted, and still stick in Jail:

HUANG Qi (36). Trial on hold.

Huang Qi, a computer engineer, was charged with the crime of “instigation to subvert state power.” Huang, together with his wife Zeng Li, ran, a website designed to find missing persons. On June 3, 2000, authorities in Chengdu, Sichuan province, detained Huang after they deemed the content posted “subversive.” On September 25, Huang Qi was reportedly beaten in detention by three policemen after notes he had taken were confiscated. During the beating, he lost one tooth and got a scar on his forehead, according to a letter he gave to his lawyer in November. On January 2, 2001, the Chengdu City Procuratorate accused Huang Qi of violating Articles 103 and 105 of the Criminal Law. The articles punish actions that involve “organizing national separatism, destroying national unity”; “organizing, plotting or carrying out activities aimed at subverting state political power”; and “overthrowing the socialist system.” Huang’s trial began on February 13, 2001, but the trial was suspended indefinitely after he reportedly fell ill. It was re-scheduled for June 27, but again postponed. No reason for the delay was announced, nor was a new trial date scheduled.

Poor man, I feel quite sorry for him, and also I am not surprised at all by this case. I have herd of several cases like this for various offenses, I think that while the rules are unfair, the actual point where China crosses the line into human rights, is in the lifestyle and jail-life. From where I stand, i see no immediate recovery or even changes, because any exterior interference would be a threat and China is so valuable to other countries because of the cheap labor. So all I can think of is of those Chinese hackers. go Chinese hackers go.


Blogger love

When I started this class, I was very worried. For one I had never started my own blog, nor had I read them regularly. Suer I jumped the wagon on Myspace and Facebook, and still linger, but just because I know it, it is comfortable. Like the diner with the terrible food, but you go anyway because its comfortable and predictable. That being said I had not used many things like Twitter, or even half of the sites we are using now, I never even used my Gmail until now!! But something that I had not realized, was that I had always read blogs. I may not have known it but I loved a blog called “Plastic Bamboo” I discovered it when i was 14 years old, in middle school. It is long gone, and I do not even know the person who operated it, but in essence it was a blog about fun trinkets and facts from Asia. Being from Colorado, in the middle of nowhere, like cows and corn, it was a teenage-energy fueled hobby. So in tribute to that site, “Plastic Bamboo” I will always love you! I dedicate my next DS106 assignment to whomever was the up-dater of PB Thank you for keeping my middle-school years interesting.

Because of the loss of my beloved Plastic Bamboo, I will instead write about my newest favorite “tokyomango” A blog that I have faithfully followed for the last 4 years:

Tokyo Mango, is done by a woman named Lisa Katayama, I believe she is half-American and half Japanese. She writes some amazing articles, she usually tries to tie together American and Japanese cultures. I believe she is located in California, and she is very active in terms of writing (she has published a book) and she also is a news correspondent for things like the Tsunami and other events that may appear on the news.  The reason that I follow her blog, and have followed her blog for so many years is because of the powerful, professional and profound images and videos that she posts. All of the best videos that I have seen have been on this site, and I often re-post them on my own Facebook Page. She does everything from silly toys like the “Otamatone” a ladle like toy that makes for an interesting instrument, to advertising for upcoming films about the tsunami. She is also working on a movie, called “We are all Radioactive” about the people and the effects of the power-plant on their bodies over time. Not just current things, Lisa also does articles about artists, and they are always amazing! The only way for me to convey my full love for her and all of her hard work, is to ask everyone to look at her blog. Tell me what you think! Do you agree that she is a incredible blogger that deserves to be paid for her site? I do!

Happy surfing~

Oh and here is a questionnaire about Lisa: incase you fall in love with her blogging like I did~

I may have misunderstood the assignment, I guess a fanfic, is to do something pretending that I am that person. It will be hard to achieve the greatness that is Lisa Katayama, but also the problem is that all the cool gadgets and movies that I see come from her blog!! I will do my best to find something equivalent~

In Japan this week, gatherers in Kawasaki assemble to show their respect to the penis. Yes you read that right, the penis. Here is what Wki has to say about the topic:

The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭り “Festival of the Steel Phallus”) is held each spring at the Kanayama shrine (金山神社) in KawasakiJapan. The exact dates vary: the main festivities fall on the first Sunday in April. The penis, as the central theme of the event – is reflected in illustrations, candy, carved vegetables, decorations, and a mikoshi parade.

The Kanamara Matsuri is centered around a local penis-venerating shrine once popular among prostitutes who wished to pray for protection from sexually transmitted diseases. It is said that there are also divine protections for business prosperity and for the clan’s prosperity; and for easy delivery, marriage, and married-couple harmony. There is also a legend of a sharp-toothed demon (vagina dentata) that hid inside the vagina of a young woman and castrated two young men on their wedding nights. As a result, the young woman sought help from a blacksmith, who fashioned an iron phallus to break the demon’s teeth, which lead to the enshrinement of the item.

Today, the festival has become something of a tourist attraction and is used to raise money for HIV research

 I think that it is great that something as spooky as sexualy transmitted diseases can be opened to the public like this, and some festival that may seem silly, really has a great message for health and awareness for HIV. I am afraid to say that I missed the festival myself, but I wonder if some of you made it? Did you hear the story about the teethed vaginas? Did you have a penis lollipop? I will share a picture that I found of the festival, looks great I hope that I can go next year!

I think this is the type of article that you can find on the Tokyo Mango site mentioned above. She has a great eye for art and talented people. GIve her a look it is worth it!