Here I did a reflection after reading and re-editing and adding to my already existing posts. This was my final blog-post for my class, and it was a close one! I really enjoyed the class and my recording is a bitter-sweet ending. This project was for extra credit that I did for a little bonus, as i talk about in the recording the changes can be seen as purple text, and all the new pictures. I did the recording twice, once the first time was a one where I went through all the posts one by one, but I think you can read those just fine so my recording is merely a reflection of internet and its forgiveness.I hope you have enjoyed my blog, and I hope that some of you will continue to read my posts in the future.



Phenomenal Woman Poetry Reading

I did a reading of Phenomenal woman for my DS106 Audio category. This was a stressful assignment, mostly because I kept messing up and having to re-record. Not to mention how terrible I think my own voice sounds, all nasally yuck! In any-case i chose this poem because it was a very powerful poem and it has lots of fun rhyming. Also because I think it suits me well. I am not sure how to upload a sound-cloud, so I hope this works.

Oh but then I remembered that we had to do something future related, so this will be a double DS106. A very hard to read poem about the Future. Have a listen, I made a couple of mistakes, can you catch them? Here is the poem:


someday everyone will be wise in the future
everyone will be sensible and forward thinking
wear sensible shoes and act accordingly in the future
wise action according to everyone will be the act
of the future everyone will be futuristic someday
according to god according to everyone and their shoes
in the future everyone will be godless and free
act accordingly in the future or else
play accordions wisely in your godless future
in the future accordions will play themselves

act three in the future: there will be no accordions
everyone will get nostalgic for the accordion god
and act as if they were wise in the future
everyone will be according to god
in the future everyone will not act accordingly
wisdom is unholy in the future
to act accordingly is to stay out of trouble
in the future jails will be bigger and much better
everyone will need some punishment in the future
thinking of accordions will be a crime

lawrence welk is a revolutionary in the future
to act accordingly is to act with wisdom
everyone will act as one in the future
accordingly for everyone to act
in the future everyone will be discredited
everyone must act now to avoid the future
be wise and dont act accordingly
play accordions in the street the future cannot
wait for wisdom and forced accord
one chord might save the future

Stephen Roxborough
And here is my Recording: