The Future

This blog-post is a response to “The Visible College: Four Futures” The video can be found Here I think that this lecture is spoken on the same gust of wind as Gardener Campbell’s article. In many ways both men are hopeful for the future of infinite possibilities. For me watching this video was easier to understand than reading the article. With understanding the full depth of the future and all of its possibilities really scares me. I am afraid of the unknown, and I am afraid of the infinite possibilities, it is an intimidating feeling. It reminds me of what Laika (the first living thing sent into space) thought, about the total infinity. Was she scared by all of the stars? When I think of the internet like I do now, it feels like discovering an entire world. Something totally alien to what we know now, and it scares me.


The Lost Decade: I will attempt to paint a picture of myself in the future in 2022. I will be in my 32nd year of life. I will be thinking hard about children, if I don’t already have them. Hopefully I will not be alone, and I will be struggling with body image as I become more wrinkled and worn-out. My children will all be born in the most time-apropriate way. In a hospital, most likely they will be given a chip-implant at birth. Something that will be intend for good, to keep track of people and to keep them safe, and those without will be outcasts. I do not think this will be a good thing, but I will do it, to keep my children safe and normal. Also I imagine that all children will be given an account, or a character or some device, that they can start building their cyber-life as they are building their flesh-lives. These devices will not only connect people, by phone, text, but it will also work as a computer, and it will have invisible capabilities and unlimited information. I will try to keep up, but eventually I will give up and in frustration beg my children to show me how various things work. Just as I do now with my parents.

I also imagine decay in buildings and in actual physical infrasructure.With total connectivity people wont need stores, they wont need to go to work, they will still need houses, but the houses, the new ones, will be efficient, and almost entirely automatic. Mental anguish will be at a all time high. People will will become very isolated and others will have to work very hard on relationships that are second-nature now, like between parent and child. People will be fatter. Also people will move faster and further. Rather than going to the park for lunch, people will just go to Spain for the afternoon. Communication will be almost entirely automated between different cultures. No more feeling silly pantomiming something, your device will just talk for you, order food for you.

I will have a stable job, something small and unknown, but steady and interesting for me. Perhaps a writer, maybe a seller of online books or recordings. Maybe a teacher. I will struggle to fully integrate and understand all the technology that will be required of me. It will frustrate me. I will then force my children to have no electric things on for dinner, and they will hate it. I will force them to talk to me and my future husband. I will also let them do more than their friends, hopefully. I will take them to midnight movies, and let them skip school. But they will think that it is lame and old-fashioned and complain about it while enjoying the treatment. I will steer away from technology at some point, maybe later than 2022 but Eventually I will have more important things in my small life. I will eventually reach a point where I am satisfied with my progress and I will not want to learn anything new, and just be happy with what I have and want at that point. I will be happy with what works, even if it is not the best or newest or most efficient way.


That is how I imagine myself and my children in 2022 as part of the Lost Decade. Do you agree? will it become regulated by “the man” maybe I wont be so crotchety. Who knows what the future holds?


3 thoughts on “The Future

  1. “I will be struggling with body image as I become more wrinkled and worn-out.” Sounds very negative, almost Dickensian.

    “Children will be given an account, or a character or some device” sounds apt to your dystopian theme here, Orwellian, sort of like the Ministry of Love watching through the televiews.

    I think your views of what the world may be like in 10 years time are not very far off from how it will be. But how I wish it to be more happy. Or maybe this is just how the article is supposed to be written. I don’t know.

    I don’t know many things. But the way things are going in Japan, the US, the EU, Orwellian laws are being passed day by day. Between now and 2022, we may finally see Thoughtcrime to be enacted as a punishable offense. We shall see.

  2. If there is “a man” running the whole show and calling all the shots in this bleak picture of a future world you’ve so brilliantly described, I’m certain you’ll give him a piece of your mind. My only fear is that “the man” will actually be some sort of artificial intelligence robot or cyborg.

    No way to know if things will turn out as you spell out until we get there. But thanks for using your vivid imaginative powers to show us one alternative.

    Your mention of Laika, the space dog, reminded me of the opening scene of one of my favorite films. If you haven’t watched My Life as a Dog, you might want to check out the first couple of minutes of this clip.

  3. You talking about “a man” reminds me of the movie Irobot with Will Smith, its entertaining. Also I watched that clip, and it has the makings of a very sad movie from that first little bit. I will try and get Tom to get it in the library for us.

    I mean my image is overly dramatized too just because it was fun to go overboard in that sense, but not too far off from how I imagine things being.

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