“New modes of comunication change what can be imagined and expressed…Enviroments are not passive wrappings but active processes”

This quote was a significantly powerful statement for me. It shows that people are the limit to ourselves, if it can be imagined that it can be achieved. T’his rings true particularly with the internet. I was happy to read this article because I recently watched a PBS special on Steve Jobs, and I thouhg about him and all of his flaws, and his life, and this quote embodies his sucess. His imagination from the initial idea of a mouse butterbox+deoderient ball meets a electronic tool. The ingenuity of Steve Jobs and his creativity meeting capable programers and designers have revoloutionized the world of comunication and electronics forever. As we humans imagine it, it will be created, as with the Ipad, in the documentary Steve Jobs had the idea of an Ipad in the early 80’s and just before he died he saw it come to life, and that is just the imagination of one man. Imagine with all the new minds of the children, and the things that they will come up with in the future. It is scary, and exciting but the world is changing and quicly, all we can do is hold on and enjoy the ride.

The documentary by the way is called Steve Jobs :One last thing and it is available in the Library, for free!! Go check it out, it is pretty short, and very interesting. Enjoy~



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