Behind the Scene

Sitting and listening to a presentation, while asking witty and argumentative questions comes like breathing for me, but giving a presentation was quite another story. While in theory the presentation was quite simple, the matters of the mind often get in the way. What do I mean? I mean every silence between my incessant talking, my brain is frantically searching and questioning the entertainment value of the presentation that I am giving. I am nervous, will they like it? If not will they be entertained? Nothing is worse than having your own peers falling asleap during a presentation.

While as an audience member, I enjoyed banter with the presenter, and the topics like online poker, and porn, the topics revealed a different side of the presenters that I have never known. The intimate nature of the presentations gives us students a much closer-contact relationship in a small group, I hope none of the presenters thought I was too aggressive and annoying. Some of the time I was more intersted in why the presenter chose the topic that they did, rather than general questions about the topic, I wanted to know why they chose porn or poker. I can now understand the sense of panic when you realize that there is that part that you want to talk about, but that person will just not stop asking stuff! Also today after my presentation I had the first realization that the content of the presentations is controversial, and upon realizing that one of my audience members knew more about my topic than I did made me feel nervous and under-researched. I did not think that reporting on an article that someone else wrote would be offensive, however I am known for being loudly wrong.

Also as a presenter, I thought that my own ideas were important in my presentation in comparison to the things that my audience thought was interesting, but the thoughts were different. Therefore I had to put more emphasis on the issues that people thought was interesting, and that is why I was thankful that the project was not just one presentation. The repitition was helping me practice and focus on the ideas that the audience liked and responded well to. I liked the informal setting of the presentation, and I really thought that it was helpful for giving presentations in other classes (because I now realize how much better I get with practice) but also because it is a way to get the information out in a less-stressful than standing in front of the whole class way. All in all, I really thought this was a great chance to not only learn more about my topic, and work on the computer to find the information but also to connect with my classmates. In addition to getting to know my classmates (something that is hard in a computer based class) but also practicing a presentatin and learning how to present better and what works for me and the audience was a useful skill for University in general. I thouhght this was an excellent project, I wish there were more dynamic projects like this in other classes.


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