My thoughts on a Cyber Bullys~

When thinking about a Cyber Bully I imagine someone who is just nasty to others on a chat. Cyber-staking and sexual predators on the internet is really what I think we should be watching out for. Teenagers  being the key targets for exual predators, they are insecure and curious, and the internet offers a lot of children who are transitioning into adults an anonymous venue to explore their sexuality and other people and boundaries in general. The fallacy with this is that children of today know the internet better thank their parents so if they do something bad, they are not properly reprimanded in many cases.

      In schools we are taught that we should not speak to strangers, but on the internet this does not really apply. What needs to be done is teach people to respect themselves, so that if someone is being disrespectful then they are confident and calm enough to just exit the conversation. Not only does the internet open space for people to be hurt, but also the people doing the hurting are at a safe distance, behind a fake name, and whatever they say usually goes guilt-free because of the lack in human-contact. Harassment is harassment even over the internet, and falls into the Cyberstalking category for me, because it is repeated offenses. While I think it is an issue, I think the bigger issue is how we care for ourselves. If the education about how to avoid all the nonsense on the internet then cyber-bullying wont be such a over-dramaticized issue. I think the biggest way to have some control over things like this, is parents. Parents need to be more involved in their children lives, be more knowledgeable about their kid’s cyber friends. Talk about it, be communicative with children so that not only will it be a good example of how to communicate with others, but I feel that people cannot hurt others as easily this way. Especially teenagers and the masses of young people online. 

Do you think that Dick and Jane are going to let that little boy run into the street? Are you the person who just watches others bully each other, or do you say something? If you saw it in real life in front of you, would you say something? How much do your parents know about your online roaming? Do they know about all of your accounts? or that cyber boyfriend you had when you were 15? Food for thought.


2 thoughts on “Cyber-Bullys

  1. When you say way, I assume you mean we as individuals. So is your point then that too many of us are fundamentally lacking in something? That in some way we are not complete or are less than whole.

    That’s what I get out of this. Your suggestion then seems to be that if we can more fully develop individually then we would have some sort of strength or confidence which would protect us from these forms of cyber harassment, bullying, and stalking.

    And then I might have misread what you are saying.

    • Well that is what I am saying more-or-less. Really I do not think that cyber-bullying affects the average person. In reality when someone is being bullied they just leave the website when it becomes too much. In the very sad, news-worty cases however where people actually get hurt, i think that if they had a stronger sense of confidence it can all be prevented.
      I think that this is a strong issue with parenting, and if parents know what is going on in their kids lives and raise them to be confident and individual then bullies in real life and online will have no outstanding effect on individuals.

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