Hale Art

Ok so mid-mogolian artist awe, I found this guy David Hale So I found three of his images to put in as banners too, I will put the full images here as well. You can read his BIO on that ^ same page. Again this will eventually be a re-vamped banner, I figured that you can change around the banner randomly, and I think that is way cooler than just the cupcake image. I saw several rotating ones, but I wanted to pick the images myself. I apologize for the poor quality on some of them, they are small images… Maybe my dearest Paul will be able to finagle them with me on monday! I am listening to a radio too by the way while I am looking at all this art, all I need is a good de-caffinated cup of tea! Here is the site, its great!


5 thoughts on “Hale Art

  1. Yeah, this is some great artwork. Are using multiple banner images? I noticed the cupcake one on the previous post. When I looked at this page the face in one those lovely paintings showed up.

    Very cool.

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