State of the Net


As we are learning and listening to more about the publicatinos on the internet, the more I am realizing what a big mess it is. Twitter is dominated by idots with feelings to express but nothing of value to say. Similarly so many junk videos and crap animations take up the majority of the space on the internet. I want to ask if making publication are we losing quality? Yes like the nets most of it is a total mess!!


There are things of quality on the internet however, do not lose faith! Just as everything to find the diamonds you have to dig. But what will happen to all the crap? Like the movie Wall-e will we have a lone robot to decide the important parts from the junk ones? As the internet fills with junk, will the crap start to go away as it fills up more? Will we ever reach a point of full capacity? If then what then? What do you think about the mess of our net?


One thought on “State of the Net

  1. One of my recurring daydreams, and something I hope to turn in to a story of some sort someday, is what archaeologists or anthropologists will think of all this digital “crap” our society is leaving behind. I imagine graduate students searching through ancient hard drives and web servers trying to piece together what our time was about.

    So I certainly take your point about how the vast sea of digital junk makes it difficult to find stuff of value in cyberspace.

    My hope is that some students will discover through this course that it is up to us to try to make a difference. I’m imagine many will not latch on this idea, partly because I’m nor expressing it clearly, now. But maybe down the road they will. Maybe me and the others ds106 teachers are trying to be digital Johnny Appleseeds.

    I guess to answer your question about the mess of our net I’d say that I find so much value in finding positive and creative uses of cyberspace that I feel no guilt or loss in choosing to ignore the bad stuff. Were I to focus on that too much I think I’d despair.

    So for me getting to see so many students putting such energy into creative expression and sense making of the online world as is happening through ds106 gives me hope. It also makes me chuckle to imagine what those future graduate students digging through the old web servers will think when they see a picture of Norbert Weiner eating a Coney Island Hot Dog with relish.

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