Our class was assigned the project of making a presentation on Prezi<check the link to see our project! I was one of the few people who prefereed Prezi to Powerpoint. I think it is because I have little to no experience with powerpoint, and therefore I am an open book when it comes to creating a presentation. Plus I like that Prezi is online and can be used by anyone! While the options are limited, I like this, because people with bad taste wont mess everything up too badly, but also when it comes to a presentation I find myself wasting too much time on making creative decisions, so it helps me focus on the actual facts and making the slides functional and interesting.

There are many fun features, I think that I am the only one who used the insert feature and I really loved the modern style and simplistic layout. I only wish we had some sort of tutorial so that we could have a easier time ajusting to the new ideas, because we are so used to powerpoint. But in any case, I love prezi~


3 thoughts on “Prezi

  1. I’m with you on Prezi. It is really easy to make a crappy presentation with it, just as it is with Powerpoint or Google Presentation documents.

    But for those willing to dig in and spend some time thinking creatively, it is possible to make some moving and memorable presentations.

    I’m not crazy about the logo but I don’t know what’s up with Paul and all the hatred. It’s not really that bad is it? 😉

  2. I think that the Logo is the prefect example of Prezi, simple clean, and has a cool font but not too much choice. Maybe I am based because I have only ever used Prezi for online creations in terms of presentations but I like it best. ^^

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