Do not think of me when I am gone~

Inspired by Stephanie H’s project From presumably las semester’s batch of students. The assignment is to write my Will. I actually, do not and cannot yet accept death. Even though I was a child surrounded by pets, and plants, whenever something dies even if I fully know that they or it will be gone from the earth forever, even if I flush the creature down the toilette myself, I can never feel a difference. I think this is because I have not felt the extreme loss of a close person, while both of my grandparents and several people that I have known  have passed away, and I have attend funerals, I still feel the same before and after. This lack of a change in feeling for me was the cause for me to bother my (father particularly) about the details of what he wants done for his death. I am sure he does not want to talk about it every, but he also knows my character better than anyone, and may be amused by the whole thing anyways. In the end I sort of planned his funeral and all that suff, based on his lack of a concrete answer. So here would be my plans, for after I die and how I would like everything to be arranged:

I GABRIELLE CELANI, a resident of Shinagawa-ku Tokyo Japan, and a citizen of the United States of America from Colorado, in Boulder County do herby make publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament and do revoke any and all other Wills and Codicils heretofore made by me.

I. I direct payment of my debts, funeral expenses, and expenses for administration of my estate, shall be paid in full by the largest of monetary funds inheritor of my estate and funds. Therein the person with the larges total sum of monetary collection from my will will bear full responsibility in paying the caterer, even if it is for food that I will not eat.

II I direct that Andrew Gerald Celani should inherit my estate and any monitory funds within the United States Of America, and abroad. If he should predecease me, let the funds fall upon a sober Andrew Christian Celani.

II.2 If any beneficiary shall fail to survive me by 45 days, it shall be deemed that such person shall have predeceased me.

II.3 Should neither party be able to preform the above mentioned tasks, the funds will remain frozen until said party is able to comply, or else let the funds fall upon Andrew Jr.’s offspring equally, or proceed to be donated.

Article III

3.1 – I appoint my mother Carley Christian Celani Executrix of this will. If she predeceases me, I appoint my friends (a) Megan Bettenhausen, and (b) Joseph Benjamin Leeds to said office. I direct that no appointee hereunder shall be required to give bond for the faithful performance of the duties of said office.

Article IV

4.1 – To the following I leave my possessions. Megan Bettenhausen, I give you my books please be sure that they are cared for and not sun-damaged. To Gwenivere Schwartz I leave my miscellanies personal affects(unmentioned things) , specifically my hat collection, to be divided and given away accordingly. Under no circumstance is my mother (Carley Christian Celani) allowed any of my personal effects, goodness knows she has enough stuff. To my brother Andrew Christian Celani my coin collection and black box, you will know what to do with it. To my father, Andrew Gerald Celani, I leave all of my trees.

4.2 – This Will has been prepared in duplicate, each copy of which has been executed as an original. One of these executed copies is in my possession and the other is deposited for safekeeping with my mother.

I, Gabrielle Elizabeth Maude Celani, do hereby declare to the undersigned authority that I am 18 years of age or older, of sound mind, and under no constraint or undue influence willingly sign and execute this instrument as my Last Will and Testament in the presence of the following witnesses, who witnessed and subscribed this will at my request, and in my presence at Tokyo, Japan on this 22nd day of February, 2012

            Gabrielle Celani

In reflection of this post: I imagine a giant floating cluster of junk. What will happen to all of our accounts when we are gone? Actually I think that nothing, I think that eventually things will fade in and out of popularity. Same as MySpace did I still have an account, but the box is full of Cialis Ads and Nigerien money scams. They will just sit there gathering other things, like mails and spams. The perfect target for such viruses. Then at some point the creater, or someone will just delete everything. There will be a hacker, that does some damage, and the site will be shut down. All of the information will eventually be lost forever. If the sites stay interesting, stay current then I imagine that the information that is not being used, like the accounts that become abandoned, will just be like trash that is shipped out to sea. It will be accumulated and stuck together, and just put somewhere. It reminds me of a job for Katamari, a popular Japanese video game where things are accumulated into a giant ball of junk. 

I think that eventually someone will set these balls of junk on fire, or just erase them. There are many ideas about how destructive this junk could be. The film Summer Wars is just one fun example, where a man creates a virus that attacked everyone’s accounts and it begins to affect traffic, and everything that is computer controlled, even weapons of mass destruction. It is an amusing movie but I think that someone will step in a delete all of the accounts before they take up too much space. Plus the issue of running out of space is not an issue on the internet, because more space can be made quickly and more and more space is being created. The sky is the limit. I wonder if ever all the space could be filled? I doubt it. Those are my thoughts on cyber-decay. Do you concur? Or do you think that cyber zombies will eventually amass and get us all? 


4 thoughts on “Do not think of me when I am gone~

  1. …really? You had to use that picture?

    Now I know what sort of DS106 dream I’m going to have tonight… A NIGHTMARE.

    Nicely done project though Gabby, bravo 😀

  2. Yikes, this is a depressing assignment. I don’t mean the way you pulled it off – your spin on it is amusing.

    I guess part of the point of the original assignment was also to include your digital afterlife in the will. I have no idea what would happen to all these blogs and accounts I’ve set up online. I guess the stuff on the free services would go as long the companies and the internet exist. Stuff like the paid web hosting would probably shut down after a month or two of non-payment. I suppose I’d want to set up a trusted relative to have password access to shut all these serviced down. Man, it’s still depressing.

    According to the New York Times article the original assignment links to, this will probably be an issue more and more people will take seriously in the coming years.

    • Oh wow! I missed that point entirely, but that is interesting! Maybe I will sleep on it and add in another one, I wonder because it is just virtual space, but it is still space nonetheless, so will it be deleted, or if it was great work printed? Who knows…. Thanks, i will think about this more

  3. Yeah, a giant cluster of floating digital junk. I appreciate your reflective follow-up to this assignment.

    I sometimes imagine what future sociologist and anthropologists will make of all the digital artifacts we’ve left behind. I imagine future graduate students examining old disk drives and web servers for research projects.

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