Triple Troll

This is my DS016 triple Troll, a Visual assignemnt

Story and Process: This is a picture from San Fransisco and it worked great for my project because this man is stuck in a chaotic wire-infested room with no reason or rhyme that I can see. My quote “I accept chaos, Im’ not sure whether it accepts me” is by Bob Dylan I thought it was apropriate with the current chaos involving the Megauploads scandal.

The scandal is a battle between the internet and the policys that exsist for much more tangable things. These laws do not apply to the internet acording to some, but others (like the record companys) dissagree, and when the FBI gets involved it becomes a sticky situation. That is why my quote is by Kimdotcom because he was the biggest arrest made and thus the chaos that he started, and that the world is in a state of chaos over the rules to internet. I used a picture fund on the internet, and photoshop to put the quote in and add the glowing red effect thanks to the help of the lovely Paul. The quote is off the back of Bob Dylan’s Album Bringing It All Back Home, that was ironically-enough released on my birthday in 1965. It is interesting that such a simple quote from the 60’s is so relivant now, and it can be applied to many situations in any time. Chaos is a everlasting concept. 

Thanks for reading~


2 thoughts on “Triple Troll

  1. Love the Dylan quote but I don’t know where it’s from. It’s perfect for the image and fits nicely with Kim Dotcom story that is exploding before our eyes.

    Great work here.

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