Oops, I did it again~

This picture became Iconic over the summer during the riots in Vancouver

My next assignment was inspired by R. Kelly Can Fly? I really liked the idea and often spend my  time reading funny articles about bizarre crimes. like you do. The assignment asks to find a police action that matches a seemingly innocent song, actually my song is not innocent by any stretch of the imagination, but it fit my theme well. The process was a breif search of amusing police reports or arrests, and many I did, so many in fact that I was overwhelmed with what ones to use. This one was a popular one with a image that is very popular right now, and the animosity that the American people feel towards the “man” is also fitting of my assignment. Have a look at my favorites/most shocking:

This fella looking classy abusing these people

According to the complaint,  Cantu, a diesel mechanic, was making his lunch January 22, 2010, when he saw a few cops streaking across his yard. A deafening explosion shook the room as a flash bomb shot through the door. Nearly 20 officers crashed in.”Get on the ground!” they allegedly ordered him. Cantu, according to the complaint, obliged and was zipcuffed. Inexplicably, the filing claims, the officers kicked and punched him until he was unconscious, lying in a pool of his own blood on the kitchen floor. Meanwhile, they searched his house and allegedly didn’t find what they were after. Cantu’s alleged butcher’s bill: a broken orbital bone, a broken nose, a concussion, traumatic brain injury, a loss of vision in his left eye and loss of hearing in his left ear. According to his complaint, the “injuries required surgical intervention and caused significant scarring and disfigurement.”

Cantu was arrested but never charged with a crime. Indeed, a search of county court records yielded no charges under that name. Dallas Police spokesman Kevin Janse told Unfair Park neither the raid nor the name rang a bell.  The title says it all “Man claims that the Dallas Police Department stormed his house, beat the hell out of him, for no reason”

I found this story here, and thanks to Brantly Hargrove, the writer. But this story sounded familiar. Yup here was another one, this one is close to my home in Denver the poor man was standing up for another man, when he was beat! The video shoes the hustle, you can see the little doggie fleeing the scene too!

What song then shall I do? Well what with the numerous mistakes and almost comedic turn when so many police are abusing their rights only one person could cover it so perfectly.  Brittany! Her song Oops I did it again, was like a chorus for the esteemed police forces that I have herd of over the many years. Not only do the lyrics match up with the police assumed feelings about their actions, her orange jail-like outfit is even a foreshadowing for her own life!

Let me know of any other Ops America’s finest beat the crap out of the innocent to the musical beats of a pre-crazy Brittany.  Maybe we can assemble a whole collection of abusive force articles~

One thought on “Oops, I did it again~

  1. Ahaha, the name of this article brings back memories. This was pretty interesting, too, but kind of scary. I really hope I don’t get randomly beaten by the police any time soon.

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