Frap on Acid

 Look Look, my first image manipulation! As you can see Starbucks coffee (some frozen blended number) with some wild but not totally unbelievable colors.

THE PROCESS: I used photoshop for the first time in about, oh six years, and it is not my absence from using the program but rather how much the program has changed since my primitive usage. I just chose the area that I wanted to manupulate and changed the saturation and various levels of color in each.

This DS106 Assignment was a easy way for me to dip my toes back into the wide-and scary world of photo manipulation. This was a Visual assignment. 

What do you think these could be flavored? the Pink one looks like a strawberries and cream or something tasty like that!   I do have to admit that as much as it pains me without the help of the lovely Paul I was able to get not only Photoshop instructions but a useful critique of my work and some help completing the wordpress post too! So thank you. So those of you who read this, what flavor do you think these Fraps are?

XOXO Gabalabba

P.S while I realize this post is not sarcastic. I was so thrilled with my help and success that I could not darken it


9 thoughts on “Frap on Acid

  1. Gabalabba!
    Hurray for your first image manipulation.
    Okay, I’ll bite…or sip…I think Starbucks should make a new brand blending caffeine + alcohol = dangerously obnoxious + awake! {{Heart warning}}

    Green= Curaçao + Cocao = Curaçaco!
    Red= Maraschino + Mocha = Maramocha!

  2. This is some great image manipulation.

    I must say that I almost didn’t catch this as a ds106 assignment. I thought it was just a bit of fun experimenting.

    That’s one of the reason I request ds106 assignment posts to be split among the three sections.

  3. For a second I thought Starbucks here came out with a new line of crazy fraps. The neon hues remind me of slurpees. I would say Kiwi-Strawberry and Blue Raspberry!

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