What kind of name is Vannevar anyways?


A fashion role-model for future generations of fashion disinterested

     When deciding who of the pioneers to choose to research more (rather than reading a little until I found someone I was interest in) I decided to chose the best one in the most sensible way. The most attractive of the pioneers is clearly superior to the others and therefore deserves more study. Never mind the trip hammers and Microscopes, just look at those thick rimmed circle-glasses the man knows his fashion. Often wearing three-peiced suits to his meetings with President Roosevelt about some connective club, the NDRC between smarty-pants (such as himself) and the pretty politician decision making type-people.

     It really was the suit that won the president over, he must have thought “Humm what a wonderfully dressed fellow, I approve” and just like that in 10 minutes the apparent good taste of a sensible man changed  the relationship between science and policy in America. Maybe they gave him too much power because as we all know, as cute as boe-ties are they are not a respectable accompaniment to a three pieced suit, as were the creation of atomic bombs to human life. The invention and organization of the whole thing is impressive, but boe-ties (specially brightly colored ones) come with responsibility. Wearing such an atrocity should not be attempted unless in harmless pretend games, like clowns.

      I am willing to let go of the fashion foe-paw in exchange for a graceful aging process, that dare I say it? Adorable, yes, a total cutie-pie like the old guy from UP cute. Left Vannever cuter than ever in his later years. Despite his disagreements with President Trumen (who had seriously bad taste) but respected Vannever enough to ask his advice.  Vannever always kept us guessing what style would be next he was a little suspicious with his UFO actions, but saved himself from a “return of the boe-tie” by openly opposing space exploration:”Putting man in space is a stunt. The man can do no more than an instrument, in fact can do less.” Despite his near-miss fashion statement about space (but really who could blame him? those vacuum tube suits are a joke!) Vannever went on to influence the not-so-socially awkward nerds of the future, such as Fredie Terman (who did the whole Silicon Vally thing) making cool computer thingiess fashinable and stuff. So thank you Vannever, for doing the nerds of the world a favor with your clean style and swanky personality, you made computer-science cool, even for just a second. Bringing me full-circle what kind of a name is Vannever anyways? I will tell you, a suave one that only he could live up to.

Delivering a speech, like a BOSS

3 thoughts on “What kind of name is Vannevar anyways?

  1. I like the punchiness of your prose. I’d never have thought to analyze an of the pioneers based on their fashion-sense. I can imagine creating a new assignment where you design different outfits and make a paper doll of your favorite pioneer and change his/her outfit to suit the imaginary occasion. Now that sounds like fun.

    I do have one favor to ask. Would it be possible to split this into paragraphs and use paragraph breaks? That would sure help my tired old eyes.

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