WANTED:1965 220SE Cabriolet


Dust, leaves, cracked leather, slow time down. The aggressive ripping of a seasoned stight-six. The stuttering of the motor echoing your own heartbeat. A healthily smooth sound, ready to go. This car makes me sad. I remember the white flowers, and the impassioned speeches. The lack of tears. Then the excitement. Crunch and spin of gravel. The heat of my nerves. The heat of the day. The light spinning down between the leaves. Ivory slick with sweat, the blank billiard to shift. Dust-coated red leather. The trust. It was a ivory chess set, I could only play checkers. My hero forever. Saving me from the responsibility of damaging something so important. Leading us away in the chariot. Loving me enough to realize what is truly important.

This is my first DS106 assignment Car Lust. This car is not exactly the right one but it was the closest I could find, imagine a black car, with red leather, and that is more the speed. This car was obtained after the death of a dear family-friend, and my description is of how I felt when at the age of 12 my father let me drive it, my first stick-shift.


3 thoughts on “WANTED:1965 220SE Cabriolet

  1. I believe there is a ds106 assignment related to describing or telling a story about an automobile.

    I wonder if this is meant to be such a ds106 assignment. Without tags in the post, mention of or link back to the original assignment, there is no way for me to know.

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